A secret on our wedding day

The Tuesday before the wedding, Dylan and I found out something very big. It was 4AM and I was about to leave for work when Dylan and I found out that I was pregnant. We stood in the bathroom together staring at each other with our jaws dropped. We were completely flabbergasted, shocked, and overjoyed. Then I carried my pregnant self to work and had to cut down on the caffeine (which led to a few terribly hard days at work, considering I was working at a Starbucks at the time).

We couldn’t believe it. The biggest week of our lives somehow just got bigger. We were expecting about 150 guests that weekend for our wedding and we had a big problem…  I was only 5 weeks pregnant at the time and Dylan and I did not feel comfortable announcing until we had seen a doctor, had an ultrasound, and made it to as close to 12 weeks as we possibly could. How were we supposed to hide this exciting secret?

Well that’s where our amazing wedding coordinator came into save the day! Kelly and Tyler from The Wedding Rabbit helped us organize ourselves to not spill the beans on the day of the wedding.  The bartenders knew to make my drinks virgin, so I basically drink juice all night. I also always had a drink in my hand, so whenever someone would bring me one I would pass it off to a friend or Dylan. We made it through the whole weekend without any speculation! Except from my brother… who happened to notice that I wasn’t drinking a beer at the rehearsal dinner and promptly asked my sister if I was pregnant. Of course my sister knew that I was (in fact, she didn’t believe me when I first told her and made me FaceTime with her to show her the positive tests) and she covered for us. But good eye Jake!

Dylan and I waited until after the honeymoon to tell the rest of our immediate families. We were dying to, but we also kind of liked having the secret to ourselves. We had just been married, which was a dream on its own, but now we were expecting a child to add to our little family. We loved being able to spend the honeymoon with nothing but talks of our future for the three of us.

Our families were overly excited! We told Dylan’s parents first, and since it was their first grandchild, we got them onesies that said “Grandpa’s sidekick” and “All smiles at Grandma’s!” Their reaction was adorable. The plan to tell my family was to put shirts on our two nephews that said “Best cousin ever” and see how long it took someone to realize it. But we had a lot going on that night and we ended up just blurting it our before we could stick to the plan. It was so fun to share the secret with the people we love most!

Our amazing photographer, Molly Scott Photo, had offered to give us a complimentary announcement session. We were so overjoyed! The day of our session we had just gotten our first ultrasound and baby looked just like a little peanut. By our 12 week ultrasound, he/she had turned from peanut to little baby. He/she even waved at us! We are so overjoyed to be bringing a baby Frank into this world and we couldn’t even begin to explain how excited we are to be parents. It has been our dream to begin a family ever since we started dating (we even talked about it on our first date) and though it may have been a surprise, we couldn’t be any happier to know that our dream is coming true.

Today I am 16 weeks exactly! We will be finding out the gender of our little babe in just a few more weeks… 2016 has definitely been the best year of our lives so far, and I imagine it’s only going to get better since Baby Frank is due 12/11/2016.

One last thing! Remember how Dylan and I were married on my parent’s anniversary? Well my mother was pregnant with my brother at their wedding! Daddy says I “jinxed” myself by choosing their date… I’m thinking of it more as a possible wedding gift from Mom. Either way, Dylan and I could not be happier or thankful for this bundle of joy.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.33.06 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.33.18 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.34.09 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.33.50 AM


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