December Updates

So the holidays are long gone and what a blast they were! But doesn’t it feel like the first few weeks of the new year always fly by? Well I have no idea how it is the 11th already, but I feel behind in every way!

That aside, Dylan and I enjoyed a lovely Christmas with both of our families. We had Christmas Eve dinner at my dad’s house where we spent the night. Christmas morning, we watched my nephew Finley open all of his gifts from Santa and play with this new train set. We ate our traditional breakfast: homemade cinnamon twists drizzled with homemade icing. It was scrumptious!

Then on our way back to Virginia Beach, we stopped by my grandmother’s house for lunch. We always love spending time with as much family as we can. Afterwards, we drove back to Virginia Beach and ate a huge Christmas dinner at Dylan’s parent’s house. It was delicious and included Dylan’s father’s delicious ham recipe that I am now obsessed with… (seriously, he made in the other week and they have to hide the leftovers from me). Needless to say we were spoiled with love this Christmas season!




Then as the week between Christmas and New Years flew by (as it always does) we were able to spend time with Dylan’s friends to bring in the New Year. We had such a blast! A big thanks to Josh and Danieall for hosting such a fun night.

We are excited for 2016 as it will not only be the year we get married, but it will also be the year of many new beginnings. I have a strong feeling that this will be our favorite year together yet–we cannot wait.







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