Angie’s Gender Reveal Party

My beautiful big sister is pregnant with her second child. Her friends, Elizabeth and Jeremy, through her and her husband, Nathan, an awesome gender reveal party where we all learned that she is going to be now be the mom to two boys! Finley is so blessed to be getting the joy of a little brother, and it was so much fun celebrating the gender of her second precious babe.
Copy of IMG_5309



Nathan was given a BB gun and he shot it at black balloons filled with paint. Four balloons were filled with white paint and four balloons were filled with blue paint. He shot one white first and then he shot a blue one. It was such a fun surprise for us all!




Afterwards, we indulged in delicious burgers and hot dogs, seven layer dip, and Nathan’s father’s delicious stew. It was a great time to spend celebrating another new life from Nathan and Angie.



We can’t wait to meet you Baby Harris! 🙂 Another beautiful son, grandson, and nephew for us all.


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